City of Bo city medicine on September 5 piece dispatch
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After goose does not feed rough price to rise, turn firm; At present all 5, 5.5 yuan, chew child 7.5, 8 yuan.

The seed of boat-fruited sterculia suffers new money to appear on the market influence, prices falls defeat step by step, ambulate very slow; Goods of round fruit all 35, differ 45 yuan, long fruit 37, 45 yuan between.

Although angelica is not valued by a lot of druggist, but come in prices is in however slowly produce change, each norms all relatively early days rose nearly 2 yuan; Come loose at present a goods 27, 29 yuan, careless goods 25, 7 yuan, box returns 30, 33 yuan.

Market of wintry melon seeds has business to promote the supply of goods in the hand actively, the price continues to slide; Unilateral goods is controlled 6 yuan, bilateral 18 yuan.

Caoguo is being produced new in, because producing area buys a businessman less, buy the price to continue to show small to glide posture, ambulate slow; At present producing area quotes 27, 28 yuan, market level controls Bo state 32 yuan.

Market of Chinese trumpet creeper has occasionally fragmentary ambulate, prices is relatively stable; Market price falls firmly at going up 48 yuan.

Giant knotweed market ambulates passable, price of short duration is firm; Present price is in 4, 4.5 yuan between.

Big Hui because stock is bigger, produce new price to slip; Show market price to be in 10 11 yuan one between.

Chinese cynomorium price relatively glide somewhat before New Year, price of short duration is firm; Show market price to be in 11, 12 yuan.

Supply of goods of market of hill peach kernel goes late, hind city is not quite hopeful; Present price is controlled in 25 yuan.

Entrance carapace arenaceous price glides continuously, ambulate unhappy; Present price is controlled in 70 yuan.

Puncture vine produces new capacity little, much business pays close attention to, because still have stock, short-term read wave motion too won't big; Present price is controlled in 5.2 yuan

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