City of Bo city medicine on September 7 dispatch
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Because the root of large-flowere skullcap grows an area this year big, produce possibility of new price fall after a rise bigger, present price division is small glide; The home is planted commodity price is in 11, 16 yuan between.

Stringy stonecrop market ambulates passable, price of short duration is firm; Present price is in 9, 10 yuan between.

New money of fruit of citron or trifoliate orange appears on the market, because price is high already, early days inventory had be notted digest, the person that the near future buys goods is little, the price glides small continuously; Show stature price to be in 8 9 yuan one between.

Market of grass defeating sauce ambulates faster; Present price is controlled in 5.5 yuan.

Housing arenaceous price glides considerably, the city after estimation calms very hard; Show market price to be controlled in 68 yuan.

Capillary artemisia market ambulates passable; Show market price to be controlled in 4.5 yuan.

White puncture vine because output is little this year, the price is strong, city is valued more after; Present price is in 5, 6 yuan between.

Lustre have diarrhoea still wanders in low, not big; shows city business chance after market price is controlled in 6 yuan.

The rhizome of chuanxiong because hind city interest good factor is not much, the price still has glide trend; Show market stature 10.5 yuan or so.

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