City of jade forest medicine on September 5 dispatch
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Glossy ganoderma is produced new, the price is ceaseless go up; The home is planted Gong Lingzhi 32 yuan, the home is planted Hei Lingzhi 75 yuan, glossy ganoderma is careless 19, 20 yuan.

Abundant of goods of the bark of eucommia, ambulate Yi Ke; All goods 8 9 yuan one, 3mm is chosen board criterion ask a price 18 yuan.

Money of wide 筯 cane is little, much business searchs goods to be not obtained.

Live charcoal mother ambulates smooth, city comes up money is not much, price small spread; All goods is controlled 1.8 yuan.

Chinese cynomorium price is stable, trade active; Market price 8, 9 yuan.

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