The law is disinfected before medicinal material seed is sowed in
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1. The medicinal material seed that hot water seed soaking has basked in air is put in 50 ℃ ~ immerse 15 minutes in 55 ℃ hot water, ceaseless agitate, make the seed suffers Wen Junyun, water heat preservation heats after water Wen Jiang is low. Take out next in putting cold water, ceaseless agitate, make the seed drops in temperature even.

2. Boiling water is hot kind in loading medicinal material seed gauze bag, put 85 ℃ ~ iron in 100 ℃ water, notice mix is even. Fish out hind is rinsed with cold water instantly, undertake 3 ~ 4 times repeatedly so can. This law basically applies to the melon with thicker seed coat kind medicinal material seed.

3. The weight of seed of liquor seed soaking, liquor and water is compared for 2:1: 1. Mix liquor and water first, put the seed again immerse 10 minutes, after fish out can vernalization sows. This law can enhance gemmiparous rate of the seed and gemmiparous power significantly.

4. Potassium permanganate seed soaking puts medicinal material seed the fish out after 20 ~ immersing 25 minutes in the Wenshui of 50 ℃ first. Put the seed soaking in solution of 1% potassium permanganate 15 minutes again, rinse with clear water next, can kill disease of blight, anthrax, establish bacterium of a variety of cause of disease such as withered disease.

5. Formalin seed soaking puts medicinal material seed 30 ℃ 4 ~ immerse 6 hours in Wenshui, 15 ~ immerse 20 minutes in putting 1% formalin solution next, after be being taken out, had wrapped with wet cloth put basin earthen bowl inside sealed 2 ~ 3 hours, reoccupy clear water is rinsed clean. This law can prevent a variety of disease such as disease of grain of disease of epidemic disease, anthrax, blight, brown.

6. Powder of powder seed dressing can choose spirit of enemy gram pink, much bacterium, Fu Meishuang or seed dressing spirit to wait. The 0.3% ~ that powder dosage is seminal weight 0.5% . 4 ~ immerse 6 hours in putting the seed Wenshui first, powder is joined to mix after be being taken out divide evenly can.

7. Dosage of bleaching powder of seed dressing of bleaching powder slop is the 2% of seminal weight, slop dosage with can mixing divide evenly seed is advisable. After putting bleaching powder slop and seed to mix even, in putting recipient sealed 15 ~ 20 hours, take out rinse can sow. This law can kill the black corrupt bacteria on the seed such as grass of formalist La Gen, rough gentian.

8. Seminal bag garment is planted with what contain antiseptic drug clothing medicine undertakes Bao Yi to the seed, can prevent a variety of medicinal material disease. Technology of seminal bag garment is current method of the most effective disinfection of the seed before sowing is protected with the keep a full stand of seedlings after sowing kind prevent disease insect-resistant measure.