The medicinal material in cultivating gains profit hang
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Understanding market information, master production it is technology, good to buy good seed kind of seedling, this is the 3 element that cultivate a medicinal material successfully. Actually, the medicinal material in cultivating wants to get good benefit, besides these 3 besides, return the method that a few is notice not quite, wait like apportion risk, converse thinking and wait for a good price to sell. If these methods are applied proper, can make grow an earnings that achieves expect to be less than.

Apportion risk. " little it is treasure, much it is careless " market level of the medicinal material in deciding changes fast, price rises fall the characteristic with big range, have a few every year fast litre fast falling breed appears, captured gain profit, otherwise lose money in business. The change of market of the medicinal material in wanting to hold well and truly is not a very easy thing, especially the occurrence of a few haphazard is to expect hard more. Accordingly, to answer unpredicatable market level, cultivate to medicinal material major door for, general appropriate is planted at the same time 2 ~ 3 breed, such although leave,further, information owes the market clever, also can with changeless should 10 thousand change, especially a few farmer that experience medicinal material cultivates first, very little to market knowledge, a few a variety of breed can be effective risk of ground avoid market, increase gain profit opportunity.

Converse thinking. Converse thinking in Chinese traditional medicine material is managed in the example too numerous to mention one by one that uses a success. Because,this is: Medicinal material production is little need 1 ~ 2 years, need 3 ~ 4 years more, longer even time ability is harvested. Inside the growth period of the medicinal material, prices had produced change. Growth period is brief, prices varies commonly lesser; Growth period is long, prices varies commonly bigger. Costly period is planted the phenomenal common occurance that the medicinal material that the crude drug that give sells low and plants when low sells superior price again. A peasant who cultivates or collects medicinal herbs often says kind of medicinal material " promote touch " , say with its " promote touch " , in be inferior to calling converse thinking to be cultivated in the medicinal material not self-conscious apply.

Wait for a good price to sell, timely skill. Medical price always is in what change ceaselessly, without forever high price, also do not have forever low, especially material of a few commonly used Chinese traditional medicine, the price always rises in wave type or drop, want to choose to sell a site appropriately on this wave line only, capture an opportunity to be sold in time, affirmative meeting has good profit. And the sort of meeting that low is eager to undersell, or the way that has approached a head when high price cannot be taken. Press goods to want to notice is, the medicinal material appropriate that must have machined results stores up, had kept, prevent to give birth to bug or mildew to change, lest affect a sale.
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