This medicinal material stands timber the management after aspic
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South of the our country at the beginning of this year is not little province experience is long pluvial snow puts aspic weather on the ice, bring about wood this medicinal material suffers aspic serious, to reduce a loss, must strengthen the following management in time:

Clip The fallen leaves after aspic is wood this medicinal material establishs system the safeguard of a kind of ego for counteractive freeze injury, pass deciduous leaf to be able to reduce the unusual be lost of water portion, avoid to because dehydrate,establish system overmuch and death. The fallen leaves after aspic can make budding defer, accordingly, must wait for when withered dead branch can differentiating after branch is budding, seasonable annihilate is withered dead branch, ill bug branch, withhold as far as possible surviving branch and put the blade that take, the branch that gives anyway to still differentiating hard temporarily can divide second clip. Clip quantity appropriate is light, cut a mouth to want flowing, large part shears a mouth should use 75% alcohol or disinfection of 0.1% potassium permanganate, wrap up with film.

Fertilization This medicinal material cultivates the wood after aspic force is general and weak, bibulous, ability suction fertilizer needs the root system of frostbite tree body, accordingly, after the medicinal material suffers aspic, wood should have root ministry top application originally, fertilization should notice to be applied gently, thin apply, apply for many times, send brawny new tip in order to close to, benefit is cultivated at restoring situation, fertilization is given priority to with fertilizer of quick result of nitrogen, phosphor, Potassium. It is advisable that fertilizer is applied with gush of face of blade after new tip happening.

Prevent ill bug Freezing and easy cause branch injury, fallen leaves, bring about limb bare, appear very easily in the future more serious plant diseases and insect pests, if bright of colophony disease, day cracks leather disease,wait. Accordingly, aspic hind should prevent disease in time, treat a disease, disease of prevention and cure can use the drug such as spirit of Bordeaux mixture, much bacterium, insect pest of prevention and cure can use the drug such as DDVP, dipterex. (association of produce and sale of the medicinal material in city of Jiangxi province camphor / Yin Ping grandson)

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