The land that a peasant who cultivates or collects medicinal herbs cares weighs
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Heavy stubble is in namely with in the ground successive in same crop, heavy stubble disease is main cause of formation:

1, continuous cropping weighs batch namely, cause increase of bacterium of the cause of disease in soil, plant diseases and insect pests is serious (bacterium of cause of disease and bug egg are accumulated) .

2, absorb of crop optionally cause nutrient supply unbalance, edaphic fertility is lopsided, akin nutrition is used up identical, cause some grows cent is lacked or superfluous.

3, from poisonous phenomenon, harmful material accumulates root system excretive, crop grows normally hard.

Effect characteristic:

1, curb bacteria, disease-resistant is killed

After a large number of beneficial bacterium complement arrive in soil, in crop protective protective screen is formed all round root system, the growth that controls harmful bacterium, progenitive (overcome bacterium with bacterium) edaphic environment gets depurative, crop root system gets protective, control a few kinds of fungus, bacterium and disease at the same time sexual disease, utmost ground reduces earth to pass the happening of disease.

2, activation nutrient, nutrition is comprehensive

Collect phosphor, Potassium and microelement activation are an organic whole, make disable nutrient by resorbent, recycle, enhance fertility, lengthen fertilizer efficiency, reduce chemical fertilizer dosage, the physiology that the microelement such as boracic to preventing a plant to be short of, calcic, iron, magnesian, sulfur, manganese causes is venereal kill have specially good effect.

3, improve edaphic environment

Use continuously, can eliminate soil to harden, loose soil, counteract alkalescent, reduce edaphic salt alkaline harm.

4, add seedling of root, hair, Zhuang Yang

Beneficial microbial in progenitive metabolization process, secrete the post such as acid of second of segmentation element, indole, gibberellin to grow continuously the active material such as element and amino acid, puissant hurried is rooted, white, root grows the root, mao Xigen amount increases one times above, bibulous, ability suction fertilizer increases, bine thick, Miao Zhuang, transplant not delay seedling.

Use method:

Seed dressing: The fish out after in putting the seed clear water, be being soaked works a bit, subsequently raise of medicine of will heavy stubble is scattered on the seed, mix mix even, sow after.

Mix earth: When making seed manure or base fertilizer, can mix heavy stubble medicine and wet earth together, apply be all round the seed or scatter in this cropland equably, be apart from seminal root system to had been jumped over nearly more.

Irrigate a seedling: To future reach employ weighs the seedling of stubble medicine, can use exchange of heavy stubble medicine right amount water is used carry crock to be irrigated equably apply.
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