Does aweto foreground have plant of person type of work much wider?
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Aweto is the rare medicinal material of our country tradition, distributing at and other places of Tibet, Qinghai, Sichuan, Gansu Province, Yunnan, have special pharmacodynamics effect and remedial effect. Aweto calls Chinese caterpillar fungus again, bug and careless union are formed together, winter is insect, summer grows a grass from insect. Bug is the larva of moth of bat of Chinese caterpillar fungus, grass is bacterium of China Chinese caterpillar fungus. The summer, insect originates in egg the ground, damp and loose earth layer is gotten after through a month or so hatch becomes larva. The bacterium of Chinese caterpillar fungus of a kind of China in earth affected larva, grow inside larval body. Through a winter, to the 2nd year spring comes, hypha begins to grow, grow an area to summerly weather, the exterior resembles a small grass, such, larval the body and mould mycelial comprised jointly complete " aweto " . Similar also have " cicada is beautiful " .

Because moth of bat of Chinese caterpillar fungus basically grows at altitude regions of 3000 5000 meters one tall cold meadow, have certain district sex, plant like this so " mould invades larva " phenomenon, in nature it is actually " small probability " incident, and only specific " bacterium " infection is specific " larval " grow the careless ability that come out has specific officinal value. As the amplification of human territory, and rise to what standard of living asks, feral Chinese caterpillar fungus is less and less also. Data makes clear: Go up century 80 time, a month can collect an adult Chinese caterpillar fungus 2, 3 jins, and now, a month can collect an adult only at most half jins, the resource of aweto also tends dried up. So, not fathomless also why media can appear ceaselessly " grass compares Jin Gui " , " a kilogram of Chinese caterpillar fungus touch a BMW " the report appears.

Regretful is, be opposite up to now the main effect of aweto, composition still very not clear. According to the traditional Chinese medicine in edition was in charge of 2005 account, adenosine is the composition of a kind of effect of aweto. But expert discovery, the effect composition of aweto is not onefold compound, the traditional method that will judge aweto quality with effect composition adenosine and the content with mellow manna, can not reflect the clinical drug effect of aweto and officinal value objectively.

In Chinese tradition medicine looks, aweto is a kind of nourishing and strong medicine, its flavour pleasant, the gender is smooth, enter lobar classics, kidney classics, beneficial lung kidney, relieve a cough the function that essence of caustic of cough, filling empty, beneficial enrages, basically use at treating lobar kidney night sweat of haemoptysis of cough of asthma of inadequacy of spirit of two empty, energy, cough, empty, fatigue, impotent seminal emission, spontaneous (note: When spontaneous shows be asleep no matter still is sober, for no reason perspires; Night sweat points to be asleep perspire, awake sweat stops) , the disease such as lumbar genu ache. Make the same score force delay because of its sex again, can make the same score filling yin and yang, in be, senile body declines, the medicine of the weak, person that produce rear body theory feeds ill rear body move Bu Jia to taste.
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