Of Huang Bai " shuffle "
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"Shuffle " the person understands notional great majority, chinese traditional medicine of material " shuffle " but of Yu Weizhong medicinal material cultivate cycle, use up cycle of periodic, price. The medicinal material in some can produce two stubble, 3 crop one year, that can be washed among a year namely two, 3 cards; Annual, biennial, be born 3 years, be born 5 years. . . What be born 10 years is a year, 2 years, 3 years, 5 years. . . Wash a card 10 years. Use up periodic, price cycle by the history, actual, objective, a variety of subjective element place are caused " shuffle " .

Date from anew the history of the Huang Bai after China holds water, substantially experienced 3 histories level:

1949 -- 1958, the in the Chinese Communist leader after new China holds water leaves phr full-scale construction is under way, the standard of living of people got great improvement, standard of medical treatment sanitation got great rise, population had great growth. Huang Bai raises money of a few wool from a few minutes of money, resource is used up also grow day and day, the price rises decuple. This yes system developed planned economy to provide be in in the center of big effect appeal afforestation while, also undertook is in appropriate area " great leap forward " the Huang Bai of type is cultivated, as powerful Huang Bai for the country resource is laid in, this is washed a card.

1958 -- 1988, time of 30 years, our country population from liberate first one billion four hundred and thirty-five million four hundred and forty-seven thousand four hundred and twenty-four rise to one hundred million and ten, break up one time even much, all sorts of resource wastage also increase accordingly, experienced reforming and opening and planned economy to arrive at the same time the transition of market economy, the various crude drug that reachs a place from the country supplies station disintegrate, enter the market to run level, add upside to divide exit, using up exit random below cultivated circumstance, huang Bai resource is in severe danger increasingly, the price achieved 19 yuan from money of a few wool, went up 50 times above, this is the 2nd times shuffle.

1988 -- henceforth a certain number of year (best judgement henceforth 10 years) , the with adjacent of our country photograph Korea after 1988, because a variety of reasons are very poor still, problem of dress warmly and ear one's fill has not been solved, consider quality of air of environmental protection water and soil conservation very hard, the forest enclothes the element such as rate, begin to wait for a way to supply Huang Bai to China from port smuggling, to now already last a period of time 20 years of time, the price goes to 10 yuan of present from 3 yuan many, went up 3 times much, korea kilometer of 120 thousand square, bigger than Chongqing kilometer of 40 thousand square, smaller than Liaoning kilometer of 20 thousand square, be in altitude the mountain range area of 2400 meters of above, does appropriate Huang Baisheng's long place have how old? Never mention it Korea government begins to dominate edge trade, unlock namely allow them to cross goods to you still can be maintained in great quantities long? Does the time that shuffles the 3rd times arrive when? By best from begin large area to cultivate now for Huang Baishu decorticates be used as medicine to still be waited for 10 years time, fall in market economy condition what is more,the rather that, is there the beneficial result after more people see Huang Bai 10 years? The time that I see the 3rd times shuffle is an unknown!
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