Safflower is not a dream 100 yuan
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Prices of time of Xinjiang safflower close phase is valued ceaselessly, the price is climbed successively litre, by before paragraph of time 43 yuan or so rise ceaselessly for 75 yuan of current fluctuation, and ascendant impetus still is not decreased, greatly the year before last year breaks through 100 yuan of battle array that pass greatly.

Safflower alias careless safflower, belong to feverfew, want drug for department of gynaecology of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, have stimulate the menstrual flow of invigorate the circulation of blood, dispel silt, detumescence, acetanilide wait for a function. Advocate treat the disease such as pain of gore of dysmenorrhoea, amenorrhoea, uterus, coronary heart disease, angina, injuries from falls. Safflower is divided for officinal outside, still be natural pigment and dye, it is exit of material of our country main Chinese traditional medicine is achieved collect one of breed. Advocate originate in the province such as Xinjiang, Yunnan, Henan, Anhui, the province area such as Zhejiang, Sichuan, Heibei, Gansu Province also has help advance somebody's career.

Safflower is one of focal breed that numerous druggist pays close attention to all the time in recent years, because suffer a variety of element effects, when rising when the price, fall, ambulate the free when time lag. Although safflower does not belong to a large amount of medicinal material breed, but with its officinal value is mixed higher of other utility widen ceaselessly, demand increases year after year. Size of volume of the increase and decrease that the price also grows an area as each district, export and person are the influence of hype and rise fall errant, it is Chinese traditional medicine one of variety with material price greater wave motion. 1997, as a result of in those days national commissariat raises price, kind safflower person mostly replant commissariat, cause in those days safflower produces inadequacy to need, the price is ceaseless go up raise, to the portion arrived in March 1998 75, 85 yuan of heights. Safflower makes one of heat variety that lumber market highlights Chinese traditional medicine most temporarily.

Because suffer costly stimulation, inland and Xinjiang area lifted an upsurge that cultivates safflower again, bury thereby fell safflower was produced 1998 new hind the foreshadowing that glides all the way. Safflower was produced 1998 after entering town newly, safflower market price drops all the way, lowest fell to 1999 15, 17 yuan, producing area price is only 11, 13 yuan. After this, safflower has rarely in the market the person is carried again.

Enter 2003, case of oil price of cotton getting food rises considerably the influence of the element, safflower is cultivated cut and serious, partial druggist is many scare buying safflower, pull thereby move safflower price to be climbed ceaselessly litre, by common 20, 23 yuan, rise very quickly for 25, 28 yuan, 30, 32 yuan, 35, 37 yuan, highest when rise to 40, 45 yuan, but safflower still has partial stock, add medical town is small 2004 fan, the price appears again slide, and ambulate put delay.
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