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Suffer from lilac: For the fruit the base of a fruit of cucurbitaceous plant muskmelon. Spit wind phlegmy constellation to feed, have diarrhoea water is wet stop drink. Treat phlegmy saliva constellation to feed, the Wan on clogged up, the ruffian in the bosom fishbones, 癎 of wind phlegmy insane, damp and hot is icteric, limb dropsy, n&v snuffle, larynx pain or numbness caused by cold. Muskmelon is melon and fruit of season of in a popular style, cultivate and consumption is very big. What consume a concept as a result of people in recent years is newer, when buying muskmelon, ask to bear the base of a fruit cling to in order to show fresh, the base of a fruit of the melon after eating is discarded at will, collect very hard buy. At present market price case is every kilogram 120, 140 yuan, big money is begged hard.

Old man grass: For the complete grass of feverfew edelweiss. Qing Dynasty heats up cool blood, beneficial kidney diuresis. Treat hematuria of urgent chronic nephritis, offset breaks albuminuria and hematuria effective. Civilian home remedy is used at treating nephritis oedema, the effect is more apparent. Before the dosage as a result of old man grass is lesser, price on the low side (every kilograms 6, 8 yuan) , collect knock off to make was not taken seriously, bring about after producing per year new end, spurt in prices goes to every kilograms 18, 24 yuan. Suffer effect of market high price this year, crop increases, price fall after a rise goes to every kilograms 8, 12 yuan, go annul smooth.

Cucumber seed: For the seed of cucurbitaceous plant cucumber. Filling calcium is strong bone. The leg that treat a waist is painful, osteoporosis, rheumatism, coma of hands or feet, jerky, fracture, bone is cracked, cervical vertebra disease, lumbar disease, wait for viscera disease to have the function that restore and treats to liver, stomach, lienal, lung, kidney. Cucumber is in a popular style commonly used vegetable, be in commonly tender when edible, rare wait old hind of reserve seed for planting. Cucumber seed serves as filling calcium strong the raw material dosage that bone health care tastes is bigger, price in successive years is climbed litre. Present price every kilograms 42, 46 yuan, supply of goods is in short supply.

Muskmelon child: For the seed of cucurbitaceous plant muskmelon. Medicinal powder knot disappear Yu, bowel of clear lung embellish. Treat the knot inside the abdomen to get together, appendicitis, cough is thirsty. With bitter clove, sweet melon seeds disperses as a result of resource, it is more difficult to collect, crop is not big, use at pharmaceutical factory to cast commonly makings. This year 3, April, sweet the price of melon seeds still is in every kilograms 12, 14 yuan between, the near future increases because of dosage, cause shortage of supply of goods, market price case rises every kilograms 22, 24 yuan, go up amount to 70% above to still demand exceeds supply.

Lilac leaf: For the leaf of lilac of plant of sweet-scented osmanthus division. Fight bacterium diminish inflammation, stop dysentery is alexipharmic. Treat bacterium dysentery, alvine path contagion, infection of the upper respiratory tract, tonsil is phlogistic, hepatitis. It is production in officinal " phlogistic establish pass the time in a leisurely way " main raw material. Because suffer drought yield a division,affected last year, crop decreases, the price by every kilograms 3, 4.5 yuan, rise 5.5, 6.5 yuan still demand exceeds supply. Leave now produce still have period of time newly, the market and producing area do not have goods basically. The person that although beg,buy is numerous, but valence does not have city, sequel is valued.
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