The reviewing of hawkthorn and look into
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Hawkthorn is Shan Ligong of rose division plant, hawkthorn (both calls north hawkthorn again) or wild hawkthorn (south hawkthorn) dry and mature fructification. It contains a lot ofC of the hawkthorn acid, acid that spray rock, citric acid, carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin to wait, have disappear to feed be good at stomach, travel gas comes loose the action such as Yu. Hawkthorn besides officinal value, still be our country tradition the root bark of the tree peony of candy of food hawkthorn cake, calabash, fruit the main making raw material that wait; Be in a lot of places, the edible value that people knows it only and the officinal value that does not know it.

It is before last year, hawkthorn is low price all the time in officinal market move, produced last year new before, the price of hawkthorn also is 2 many money every kilograms. Last year hawkthorn is produced new when, the price of hawkthorn produced rapid change, a day a price, grew to turn over times finally, became 56 fund every kilograms. What reason be revulsive the promotion of hawkthorn price? Be reduction of output? Although Shandong produces an area to have report of reduction of output, but a few yield that produce a division greatly do not reduce Henan, Heibei, Shanxi; Be officinal quantity soar? But old stock inventory disappears to decrease quickly. We can see in producing area, be reduced quickly, what buy at high price is Xian Guo, in former years is become by treatment officinal hawkthorn piece have one of triplet only however, so the price is pulled tall. In those days, somebody is fatidical: Hawkthorn will break through 10 yuan of price.

But, after producing new end, hawkthorn did not rise successively, set foot on the road of boundless Xiong Fu however. A lot of holding goods is in the businessman of the hand, became caught " chicken ribs " -- feed without the flesh, abandon regrettablly ah. Because the old stock of a large number of inventory swarms into the market, make new money faced the test of the price. Do not make work high to go out, low be destined to want lose money in business.

So, is hawkthorn in is now how circumstances? Through the assimilation with much half an year, basic already need exhausts old stock, new money also place remnant is not had much, the price already from smooth in tend climb litre. Why? We can discover from inside investigation, of the whole nation a few produce a division greatly, had done not have inventory almost in producing area, present inventory basically is in the market. And, hawkthorn can say is Chinese traditional medicine a large amount of breed in material.

According to the message that producing area transmits, hawkthorn the way corp is growing is very good this year, it is a bumper harvest year. But, basis last year the analysis of the circumstance, to trend of the city after hawkthorn (smooth in tend climb litre) do not have too big impact: One, the dosage of hawkthorn food is added only did not decrease, as people living standard raise the buildup with sanitarian consciousness, the sale of hawkthorn food will be bigger and bigger; As the progress of science and technology, the phyletic meeting of hawkthorn food is increasing, use will be more and more extensive, hawkthorn wastage will be bigger and bigger. 2, hawkthorn is now on the tree the way corp is growing is very good, but hawkthorn tree produced an area to already had in a few decrease, before a few years because price is low, the farmer already dropped hawkthorn tree fell trees the crop with tall watch of equivalence of replant Chinese prickly ash, cherry. 3, hawkthorn inventory is fragile already.
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