Shallow talk about 08 blueness to become warped producing area current situation
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Qing Qiao is entered produce already had half many month newly, each district still scarce big money should city. And of businessman of the market, producing area's wait-and-see much proceed with little, as prosperous as in former years disparate in July, the occurrence of this phenomenon nothing more than the following causes:

1, get problem of Forsythia suspensa leaf and market person air not the influence of flourishing;

2, suffer what produce increase production of area large surplus each this year to say an effect, (Think florescence did not suffer freeze injury) much business thinks to be able to appear the likelihood that large surplus depreciates, and not dare blind proceed with;

3, suffer nearly two years to come before the price tall hind small effect, and not dare blind proceed with;

4, producing area business wants low to buy, and suffer labour to be worth to carry advanced account, affect picked amount decrease;

5, the influence of weather

When should saying above should be to affect producing area to be returned up to now scarce the reason that new money appears on the market!

Qing Qiao from 6 years of reduction of output price rocket, fresh foods buys valence to achieve a history highest, of producing area small medicinal powder door during this gain many profit, 7 years each district has what reduction of output suffers aspic to say, the last ten-day of a month began in June, make many people join the procession that becomes warped to scare buying blueness again, mutual raise up the price is bought, make manage all the year round door and cannot do it, the word that uses a few friends tells: In 7 years of scare buying, raise chicken, sell bean curd, those who plant dish, whats dare take all trades and professions two tons of money play. Natural person morale is high it is meddlesome, can arrive when the sale, because goods appears on the market in great quantities, the market goes temporarily annul bad, producing area money goes delay, and those who be eager to skill come loose door, begin low skill, even be out of pocket sells, make producing area runs a have no other way all the year round.

Begin 8 years again new round buy, produce region increase production each say, the much that made accompanied money last year again comes loose door, dare not intervene, the part is machined all the year round door also not dare spellbound proceed with, before before two years of prices tall hind low circumstance, made each market businessman is in wait-and-see those who await the price reduce reach the designated position, also dare not go up ahead of schedule goods, just make person energy of life inferior now.

Understand an analysis through the near future, 8 youthful become warped still business chance shows:

1, the influence that is versed in the cost rises, low is bought impossible already;

2, proceed with person little, medicinal powder small family abandoned this breed, manage all the year round only door in buy, supply of goods is met relatively concentration;
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