Centipede price rises again this year
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Be opposite according to the near future centipede advocate produce centipede of unit of company of area and market of lumber of countrywide Chinese traditional medicine, medicinal material, large drugstore, medical treatment to walk along an investigation of situation to show, from 2005 up to now, centipede output falls considerably, produce inadequacy to need, pull litre of price to rise 5 years continuously, annual with 0.1, 0.2 yuan (kilogram price, similarly hereinafter) speed is given go up, the price rises once more this year, big rise to 1.3, 1.35 yuan, in rise to 1, 1.15 yuan, small rise to 0.55, 0.65 yuan, already caused much business attention.
The main reason that centipede price rises continuously is:

One, demand increases. Centipede (alias day dragon, 100 feet, Wu Gong) the medicinal material in be our country tradition, have relieve dizziness to press down Jing, attack poison to come loose knot, subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy is acetanilide wait for effect, it is to treat apoplectic, Jing pain or numbness caused by cold of painful, rheumatism ulcer of painful, tetanic, whooping cough, n/med tuberculosis, sore is swollen the fine medicine of the disease such as tinea of canker of poison, scrofula, wind, white bald, anal fistula, scald, poisonous snakebite, supply medical market with feral centipede. A lot of our country pharmacy school of enterprise, scientific research developed with centipede many new drug, special medicine and in officinal, place of clinical prescription drug needs the medical treatment unit of tens of thousands of centipede amount year increase by degrees 10 % are controlled, this year demand relatively in former years increases 15 % left and right sides, in the meantime, market of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan also wants money upcountry again and again, and the amount is larger, but inland is rare big money can be offerred.

2, stricken be hit by a natural adversity reduction of output. Centipede advocate and other places of the Jiangsu that originates in our country, Zhejiang, Hunan, Hubei, Henan, Anhui, Shaanxi, with crop of Hubei, Anhui most, take second place of other producing area. Come a few years, producing area meets with repeatedly a variety of calamity such as calamity of drought, flood, aspic, especially centipede produces new around producing area to produce calamity of aspic of ice and snow this year, on the low side of spring air temperature, overcast and rainy is continuous, humidity is too big, centipede activity suffers be restricted, activity of rare centipede unkennel, bring about catch a quantity to decrease considerably, only advocate two provinces produce per year Hubei yield a division, Anhui today measure normaller time to reduce 50 % to control, among them a countryside of Hubei can catch centipede every year 20, 300 thousand or so, there is 2 only this year, 30 thousand.

3, little person is caught. Black prime of life of majority yield a division goes out Wu labour, a married man's entire family stays to be caught feebly in the home, together with is nightly catch difficulty bigger, take an amount very few, the loss outweights the gain, cause little person to catch, more make crop one disaster after another.
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