Brief analyse of the city after peony skin
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The price from time to time of the root bark of the tree peony walks along small from time to time to go tall, when does it walk out of trough after all, the trend is brilliant, henceforth relatively the attention that gets numerous druggist.

The root bark of the tree peony has step-down, fight bacterium, composed, hypnotic, analgesia, combat the effect such as convulsions, antifebrile He Kangyan. The experiment makes clear, dose of simmer in water of water of skin of step-down action peony is the strongest, peony phenolic take second place, go the agent of water simmer in water of peony phenol is the weakest, the machine rate that present mankind has hypertension and tall blood fat is increasing, it is to be worth to grind new special medical follow-up develops; Peony skin is remarkable to the action fighting bacterium such as dysenteric bacili, typhoid bacillus, in PH7.0-7.6 antiseptic force is the most powerful, to common fungus of skin of the sex that cause disease all has inhibition, this " brothers mouth " disease also has auxiliary curative effect; Inject of small rat abdominal cavity or peony of profess to convinced are phenolic, have composed, hypnotic, demulcent effect; Peony phenol has inhibition to sufficient dropsy of bandicoot hind legs.

Peony is perennial root plant, grow commonly 4, 6 years, 1, 2 years unripe plant does not blossom. Early spring is bud period, florescence 4, May, fruit period 5, in July, grew for subterranean ministry in August fill period, in October plant of the first ten days of a month only then gradually withered Lou, enter rest period. The ripe character after peony seed has, plumular axis needs to continue via ability of a paragraph of low temperature on stretchy. Seminal life is not long, lie between year of germination percent low. Peony seed price of before a few years is low, general a peasant who cultivates or collects medicinal herbs is not collected go back, present seminal price is a little high, but 05, peony skin of 7 years is all already gouge, the seed of knot of the ability after wanting to wait 2 years that plants now, say the large area henceforth cultivates the restriction that should accept a seed so, cannot develop in order.

Popular as bolus of 6 flavour glutinous rehmannia domestic and international, one of 6 flavour hill dogwood flesh is carried by price of numerous manufacturer rush to purchase, and grow cycle is long, through the root bark of the tree peony of a few years of trough period, already also was paid close attention to by everybody, the export of the root bark of the tree peony is handling capacity of manufacturer of demand, pharmacy, new special cost of the crop of producing area of the demand of cosmetic of the development of medicines and chemical reagents, international, primary and secondary, area is in the ground and cultivate enthusiasm to wait, can affect the root bark of the tree peony directly the price henceforth is declinable. Future of the root bark of the tree peony how, how does contradiction of supply and demand change? We have thorough investigation only, see essence through the surface, all speak or act on hearsay evidance, gossip, can let oneself and friend miss good opportunity only!
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