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Enter 2008, harbin cultivates Chinese traditional medicine 3 times material major market is of all kinds of the medicinal material annul situation show calm slightly, scarce billows, among them 2006, successive 2007 2 years rise in price breed already harden, enter stability period, still partial breed still is in low fan in. But, a lot of medicine on medical city feed what two things plant to go situation appear however piece annul force is active, produce and sale two flourishing, sales volume increases, the favorable situation with stable price, already caused the market such as medicinal material, health care, food pay close attention to all the more. Before before long, what the author cultivates 60 commonly used medicine on medicinal material market to eat amphibious variety to 3 is specific go situation made special subject survey. Survey result shows, sales volume increases, the breed that rise in price has 20, 33.33% what occupy gross; Sales volume increases, the breed with stable price has 30, 50% what occupy gross; Sales volume drops, the breed that the price glides has 10, 16.67% what occupy gross.

Now will since this year, medicine of 3 city that establish drug is fed amphibious of medium 12 window breed specific go situation comment on as follows, offer industry colleague reference.

White lotus seed: Demand already increased 5 years continuously, grow 11.5% compared to the same period, because food market enters big money of city choose and buy ceaselessly, bring about inventory to had been digested fast, highlight weakness, together with producing area decreases for goods 35% , pull move prices in successive years to rise, already rose since this year to 25, 28 yuan (kilogram price, similarly hereinafter) , rise compared to the same period 26% .

Red lotus seed: Demand in successive years warms up, 2004, 2007, annual with 5% , the speed of 8% increases by degrees, add again this year to 20% , but producing area is interrupted from time to tome for goods, especially super grade tastes the quantity that offer money to already reduced 50% above, the market shows the sign that demand exceeds supply, the price rises ceaselessly, super grade tastes the price already by on year 18, 20 yuan, rise to this year 22, 24 yuan.

Gorgon fruit rice: Big money ambulates accelerate, batch clinchs a deal grow in quantity, local dweller enters city fragmentary choose and buy often, sales volume rises compared to the same period 35% the left and right sides, dan Ye gives birth to resource to short with each passing day, cause producing area to be amounted to for goods breach 40% the left and right sides, cause the price to go influence is strong, the house after going up does not fall high, the near future already rose to 26, 28 yuan.

Medlar: Producing area is stricken be hit by a natural adversity reduction of output, come goods decreases compared to the same period 20% , bring about the ceaseless snap up entering town such as factory of pharmaceutical factory, food, restaurant, demand increases considerably, amplitude is amounted to 35% the left and right sides, pull litre of price to rise 3 years considerably continuously, was 2006 26, 28 yuan (Ningxia produces 280) , on year rise to 35, 40 yuan, the near future already was climbed litre to 40, 45 yuan, go up rise compared to the same period 54% .
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