Blood 37
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This medicine holds cauline knotweed in the arms for China of knotweed division plant (Polygonum Amplexicaule Var. The rootstock of Sinense) . Because of its can injuries from falls of stimulate the menstrual flow of invigorate the circulation of blood, cure, reason gets this.

China holds cauline knotweed in the arms to be perennial herbaceous. Its rootstock is brawny, cortical violet Brown, section amaranth. Bine erect or tilt, upside has ramose. The leaf below has long power, upgrade petiole shortens gradually to hold a bine in the arms, petiolar place has scabbard of qualitative stipule of film tubal account. 7—8 month opens red or white flower, spicate top is born or axil is born. 9—10 month tie is black Brown elliptic achene achene. Distributinging Yu Songluo, long square, new China, house of Ma Wan, board storehouse, Gong Ping, big rock, board bridge, wooden fish, big 9 lakes and other places. The channel edge that grows at 1000—2500 rice or forest in next damp place brushwood.

This medicine has the effect with clear hot detoxify, acetanilide invigorate the circulation of blood. Use at lumbago of gastralgia, injuries from falls, fracture, internal lesion caused by overexertion, rheumatism to wait sorely; (use method: Stomach trouble cure basically is to use blood 37 make tea every morning is hollow the admire before sleeping with evening is used, chili cannot be fed between operating period. The person that stomach trouble is weighed is likely this law curative effect is very small. The person that lumbago of injuries from falls, fracture, internal lesion caused by overexertion, rheumatism aches its with 1: The scale of 10 uses chroma wine bubble enough 8 days of above, anteprandial, the drink before sleeping 50 grams - 30 grams, the alcoholic drink that passes with bubble at the same time wipes the heat since affected part feeling can. Total use is the alcoholic drink that bubble passes drink brushs 3 minutes 7 minutes. With but hemostatic (specific use means is: With knife boiler its its body takes his broken foam is direct apply at bleeding place. Or it is the blood that already will be used at bubble wine to be used 37 take out insolation to press its into flour to deposit, stand-by when take out apply to go up directly also but) .

Note: Calf ox old marabou of palm of rat of seedling division plant is careless (the complete grass of Geranium Sibiricum) also calls “ blood 37 ” .

Grass of rat palm old marabou is perennial herbaceous. Tall 30. 100 centimeters. The root is born continuously, ramose or not ramose. Bine relatively sew is long, much more ramose, give birth to wool somewhat. Foliaceous opposite, wide kidney shape is quinquangular. Beautiful individual armpit is unripe, damask, 6—7 month blossoms, the knot after the flower fuzzy capsule. Long 1. 5—2 centimeter. Distributing at each district of forest zone of Shen Nong Jia. The hillside that grows at altitude 500—l600 rice forest fall or in channel edge brushwood.
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