Blood 37
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The completely careless stimulate the menstrual flow of dispel rheumatism, invigorate the circulation of blood, can clear heat of grass of rat palm old marabou stops have diarrhoea.
Blood 37 with the distinction of 37
Blood 37 not be people is connected produce 37 what say, notice to distinguish.
37 Panax Notoginseng
Alias: Become civilized 37, ginseng 37, cropland 7, priceless.
37 be used as medicine with bine of shape of root, root. It is material of rare Chinese traditional medicine, unripe with but hemostatic change Yu, detumescence acetanilide, it is Yunnan Baiyao bases, be the same as a floral to spend Xie Ye to be able to be used as medicine, when tea drink. Be the same as with ginseng division, plant of division of congeneric slender acanthopanax, but 37 haveThe king of ginseng, austral deity is femalebeautiful praise, it is invigorate the circulation of blood changes Yu medicine of the first emperor.

37 for plant configuration perennial herbaceous, be as high as 60cm. Rhizome is short, the bine is erect, do not have wool glossily. Palm shape compound leaf, provide long power, 3 ~ 4 verticillate support at the bine; Flocculus 3 ~ 7, elliptic or chief round written complaint pours egg form, the brim has fretsaw to age. Umbrella form inflorescence is very unripe, inflorescence stalk supports from the bine in the center of take out, grow 20 ~ 30cm. The flower is small, olive; Calyx 5 crack; Petaline, stamen all is 5. Drupe bacca shape, close kidney form, ripe Shi Gong is lubricious. Seed 1 ~ 3, flat globose. Florescence 6 ~ in August, fruit period 8 ~ in October.
Help advance somebody's career to unplug at the sea more now 1600 ~ on 1800 meters hill.
Sexual flavour returns classics: Gan Wei suffers from flavour, the gender is lukewarm, put in classics of liver, stomach 's charge
37 main effect:
(1) has favorable hemostatic effect, remarkable hematopoiesis function;
(2) can be strengthened and improve small loop of coronal arteries and veins, the action of outspread blood-vessel;
(3) has more powerful demulcent effect, have fight the fatigue, action that increases study and memorial capacity;
(4) fights inflammation action;
(5) has the effect of immune conditioning agent, can make cross low immune response to restore exorbitant or normal, but the immune reaction with noninterference normal airframe;
(6) fights tumor action;
(7) fights consenescence, fight oxidation;
(8) reduces hematic fat and cholesterol action;
(9) protects liver

Blood 37 belong to calf ox Miao Ke, 37 belong to plant of slender acanthopanax division, it is two kinds of different plants completely, notice to distinguish please.

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