Chinese trumpet creeper
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The graph is Campsis Grandiflora of clouds of approach of plant of violet flourishing division (Thunb. ) . K. Schum. Or Campsis Radicans of America approach clouds (L. ) Seem. dry flower. Summer, autumn when 2 season flower blooms, collect close, dry.

[basic material]

Flowers / plant name: Chinese trumpet creeper
Latin name: Campsis Grandiflora
Alias: Clouds of approach of violet flourishing, China, big Hua Lingxiao
Division belong to: Violet flourishing division

Producing area and characteristics: Produce China mid each province. For wood of deciduous leaf cane, lend air rooted involve aid its content grows up. Happy event is in relief, be able to bear or endure slightly shade, be fond of the soil with good drainage, relatively be able to bear or endure water is wet, it is certain to have be able to bear or endure force of saline alkaline function. Florescence 6-9 month.

Configuration feature: Individual plant makes an appointment with 20m high. Bark dust-colour, show thin strip slit. Foliaceous opposite, odd a shape compound leaf, flocculus 7-9. The top gives birth to cyme or panicle, the flower is large, funnel shape, outside orange, inside vermeil

Breed and help advance somebody's career: Individual plant of cuttage, layering, cent and sow law breed. Cuttage is chosen more head the hard branch with rooted gas spring insert, summertime layering. Cent individual plant is multi-purpose root Nie, the seedling that sows breed should go block shade, need a winter every year to cut, scanty had divided sere branch. Water of the top application before the flower, can close to its Xie Mao is spent numerous.

Application: Chinese trumpet creeper blossoms at abundant, autumn, florescence is long, flower is big, thunder-and-lightning. Apply to climb the wall that add a wall.

[produce divisional cloth]

Chinese trumpet creeper is the dry flower of clouds of approach of plant of crape myrtle division or America approach clouds, grow in tropics to mix semi-tropical, south of the Guangdong of our country, Fujian has produce.

[configuration feature]

Approach clouds much shrinkage is curly, cinnamon to palm Brown, complete flower grows 4 ~ 5cm. Shape of calyx canister bell, grow 2 ~ 2.5cm, lobation 5, crack to mid, calyx canister base the ministry has 5 Zong Leng to calyx crown. Corollaceous tip 5 crack, lobation hemicycle, bottom submits funnel form jointly, the surface sees thready pulse grain, inside the surface is more apparent. Staminal 4, the move is strange be in corollaceous on, 2 long 2 short, antheral a glyph, style 1, column cap is flat. Gas faint scent, flavour small suffering, acerbity.
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