Rain is long flower
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Alias float Qiang, blue beautiful dish

Configuration feature:
Rain is long beautiful division Rain is long the flower is belonged to Annual wet be born or aquatic and herbaceous. The bine is erect, tall 50-90 centimeter. Form of blade wide heart or form of egg shape heart, tip gradually pointed, base; of ministry heart form base foliation provides long power, cauline foliation is petiolar gradually short, base the ministry expands into scabbard, hold a bine in the arms. Raceme gets together again panicle, hua La is lubricious, the flower is left to be born. Capsule egg form.

Habitat distributings:
Grow at the shallow water of draw close the shore of billabong of pond, lake to be in. Distributing at our country northeast, Hua Na, Hua Dong, China in. Japan, Korea, southeast Asia also has.

Grow characteristics
The gender is able-bodied, cold-resistant, be born at the brim of marsh, ditch and pond more. Progenitive: Sow, cent root all but, survive extremely easily.

Gardens utility
Spend foliaceous all beautiful, cloth park faces cistern pond, very chic

Delicacy tastes every 100 grams to contain moisture content 92.3 grams, protein 1.6 grams, adipose 0.4 grams, cellulose 1.75 grams, calcic 110 milligram, phosphor 10 milligram, still contain a variety of vitamins.

[officinal] for rain long beautiful tender bine leaf.

Rain is long the flower has clear heat, go wet, calm asthma, alexipharmic effect. " Jilin Chinese herbal medicine " carry “ Qing Dynasty to heat up calm asthma, alexipharmic detumescence. Treat high fever, breath, children erysipelas ” .

[alias] water Bai Hua

[origin] rain is long Hua Keyu is long the flower belongs to plant rain long beautiful Monochoria Korsakowii Regel Et Maack, go up with the ground complete grass is used as medicine. The summer is collected, insolation.

[sexual flavour returns classics] pleasant, cool.

[function advocate treat] clear heat is alexipharmic. Use at high fever to cough asthma, children erysipelas.

[usage dosage] 2 money of 1 ~ .

[cento] " collection of countrywide Chinese herbal medicine "

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