Deadlocked silkworm
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[herbal name] : Deadlocked silkworm
[Chinese traditional medicine name] deadlocked silkworm
[phoneticize name] Jiangcan
[origin] taste Bombyx Mori L of silkworm of insect of division of the E that it is silkworm originally. 4 ~ 5 age larval infection (or artificial have an inoculation) Beauveria Bassiana(Bals of white deadlocked bacterium. ) Vuill. And deadly dry aspect. Over spring, autumn production, the silkworm that will affect die in one's bed of white deadlocked bacterium is dry.
[character] this tasting show slightly cylindrical, curve shrinkage more. Grow 2 ~ 5cm, diameter 0.5 ~ 0.7cm. Exterior grey yellow, the gas of shape of frost of pink of white be havinged gives birth to hypha and cent to give birth to spore. The head is rounder, sufficient 8 pairs, body segment is apparent, the rear submits 2 difference form slightly. Qualitative hard and fragile, yi She is broken, section evenness, outer white, the filar gland link that there is bright brown or bright black among 4. Enrage small raw meat or fish. Taste is small salty.
[differentiate] taste pulverous ash originally brown or dust-colour. Hypha body is close colorless, slightness is curly and intricate in body wall. Tracheal wall fragment bends slightly or arc shape, brown or the helix silk of nigger-brown. Grain of shrinkage of appearance of reseau of mask of cuticular organization watch and grain are protuberant the small needle that form dash forward, have circular wool check, brim yellow; Bristle yellow or Huang Zong are lubricious, the surface is slick, the wall is a bit large. Brilliant of bunch of oxalic acid calcium or Fang Jing were not contained mostly in organization of digestive mulberry leaf.
[n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine] after deadlocked silkworm pan dry, eliminate impurity.
The silkworm that fry deadlocked takes clean deadlocked silkworm, fry a law according to bran (appendix Ⅱ D) fry to exterior yellow.
[examination] total ash content must not cross 7 %
[sexual flavour and return classics] salty, laborious, smooth. Put in classics of liver, lung, stomach 's charge.
[function and advocate treat] dispel the wind decides Jing, expectorant medicinal powder knot.
Use at infantile convulsions tic, guttural gall, the lymph node below jaw is phlogistic, facial nerve is paralytic, skin Sao is urticant.
(Spasmolysis of 1) relieve dizziness: With the headache that causes at be being moved inside liver wind, swimmy, tic, often match the tuber of elevated gastrodia, complete scorpion. Have a headache with Yu Feng heat reach skin prurigo.
(2) is expectorant medicinal powder knot: Use at scrofula, tonsil phlogistic, parotitis.
(3) slants head wind, collet wind, two temporal painful: With deadlocked silkworm end, green tea attune takes spoonful.
(4) have a headache suddenly: Deadlocked silkworm minor details is daily 2 money, ripe water sends.
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