Changchun is beautiful
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Changchun is spent not only attitude care is beautiful, florescence specialty, still be a kind of fine medicine of cancer of prevention and cure. According to contemporary and scientific research, 55 kinds of alkaloid are contained in long spring flower. Among them Changchun is alkaline with Changchun new alkaline the malign god tumour such as cancer of pair of remedial cloth with soft nap, lymphatic caruncle reachs children acute leukaemia to wait to have certain curative effect, it is the source of medicine of the plant that fight cancer with the at present most application on international.
Spring flower of oleander section chief is belonged to, renown 5 valve plum.
Latter-day DNA branch and configuration classify a proof, changchun flower belongs to tendril to have a sister with hydrophyte group near relation. Tower conspicuous he a system (1980) think rough gentian of oleander division classify looks, namely oleander division and rough gentian division are inside eye of same rough gentian, belong to chrysanthemum subclass. Langkuisite stalking or branch system (1981) also maintain rough gentian of oleander division classify to look (look together with rough gentian division) , also belong to chrysanthemum subclass. Latter-day DNA determines report, the bluish dogbane of oleander division belongs to the rough gentian with rough gentian division, alga hundred years belong to have a sister group own concern. The truth of adj relation is intermediary. Although oleander division gives birth to a plant for land (did not discover aquatic) , but component of rough gentian family is two subfamily, namely rough gentian subfamily (Liu Sheng is herbaceous) with buckbean subfamily (hydrophyte) buckbean subfamily has famous buckbean to belong to, apricot dish belongs to hydrophyte. Accordingly, DNA determines can prove further, it is correct that the taxology that gives priority to with configuration maintains oleander division and rough gentian division to near predestined relationship concerns; And division bluish dogbane belongs to sufficient proof oleander, tendril Changchun flower is belonged to wait to be belonged to with buckbean of rough gentian division, apricot dish belongs to hydrophyte to have close sister group relation.

Configuration feature

Long spring flower is perennial herbaceous. The bine is erect, much more ramose. Foliaceous opposite, grow elliptical record, petiole is short, whole reason, two sides does not have wool glossily, advocate white of arteries and veins is apparent. Cyme is very unripe. The flower is rosy, corollaceous tall foot butterfly shape, 5 crack, flower center has brunet hole eye. The burgeon of long spring flower is topmost, every grow one lamina, axillary appear namely two flowers, because its flower is special much, florescence specialty, beautiful situation is exuberant, vibrant. From spring to autumn blossom never discontinuous, have so " every day spring " good name.
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