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[Chinese name]Cockscomb

[learn Renown]Flos Celosiae Cristatae

[English name]Cockscomb Flower, COCKSCOMB

[not Renown]Gallinaceous hair worn in a bun or coil is beautiful, old come cockscomb of red, reed catkins, pen cockscomb, big head cockscomb, phoenix end cockscomb

[division Belong to]Amaranth division, feather cockscomb belongs to Celosia Civistata L.

[producing area and characteristics] Cockscomb Celosia Cristata L. Produce Africa formerly, america tropics and India, world each district is wide to help advance somebody's career, for annual herb. Be fond of sunny, damp and hot, do not be able to bear or endure frost. Do not be able to bear or endure barren, happy event is loose and fecund with the soil with good drainage. Florescence summer, autumn till Frost's descent.

[breed is classified]The breed of cockscomb differs because of inflorescence configuration, can divide wait for cockscomb of sth resembling a net of cockscomb of broom cockscomb, face cockscomb, an affectionate couple, tassel.
When flower of autumn of collect and process blooms, collect close, insolation.

[configuration feature]

Annual herbaceous, individual plant tall 20-150 centimeter, the bine is erect and brawny, foliaceous each other is unripe, long egg form or egg shape wrap around needle form, inflorescence of fleshy spic a unit of length is very unripe, show sector, kidney form, flat globose etc, natural florescence summer, autumn to Frost's descent. Commonly used seed is progenitive, growth period is fond of high temperature, complete illumination and the environment with dry air, relatively be able to bear or endure drought not cold-resistant, progenitive capability is strong. When autumn flower blooms, collect close, insolation. Foliaceous egg shape wraps around needle form comes wrap around needle form, whole reason. Inflorescence is very unripe reach axil to be born, compressed cockscomb form. The flower has white, weak yellow, golden, reddish, fiery, amaranthine, palm orange is red, red wait for color. Utricle egg form, seminal black luster.
Cockscomb, cauline red or green white; Foliaceous each other is unripe have a power, xie Youshen is red, emerald green, olivine, red green wait for a variety of color; Hua Jusheng at coping, cockscomb of be similar in shape, compressed and thick soft, grow to submit broom form on plant. Yi Fengfu of design and color is colorful, have purple, orange color yellow, white, red Huang Xiang is miscellaneous wait for color. The pip is tiny, present violet black, hide within corollaceous nap. Cockscomb plant has tall model, medium-sized, short model 3 kinds, tall model can amount to 2-3 rice, short model have 30 centimeters tall only. The florescence of cockscomb is longer, can begin from July in December.
[grow characteristics]
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