Forsythia suspensa
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English name: &Nbsp; Weeping Forsythia
Latin formal name: &Nbsp; Forsythia
Alias: A string of gold, drought is connected child, Huang Jidan, even housing, chrysanthemum, yellow chain flower, Qing Qiao, fall become warped, yellow ribbon, Huang Shoudan, yellow metal bar.

Division belong to classification:

Bound: Plant kingdom / Plantae
The door: Angiosperm door / Magnoliophyta
Key link: Dicotyledon key link / Magnoliopsida
Eye: / of labial form eye Lamiales
Division: Sweet-scented osmanthus division / Oleaceae
Belong to: Forsythia suspensa is belonged to / Forsythia


The whole world has 11 great variety, come from China mostly, some come from Korea and Japan, come from at European south have a kind only. Its name Forsythia is to commemorate Aberdonian botanist William Forsyth and name.

The breed that serves as herbal China is Forsythia Suspensa of Forsythia suspensa of plant of sweet-scented osmanthus division mostly (Thunb. ) the dry fructification of Vahl. In chinese mainland, the province area such as north of distributinging Yu He, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Gansu Province, Ningxia, Shandong, Jiangsu, Henan, Jiangxi, Hubei, Sichuan and Yunnan. At the beginning of autumn fructification ripe when still taking green, collect close, eliminate impurity, evaporate is ripe, insolation, be used to says " Qing Qiao " ; Collect when fructification is squashy close, insolation, eliminate impurity, be used to says " often become warped " . Korea capital head Er city is beautiful.

Characteristics feature

Be fond of warm, wet environment. Be fond of smooth, cold-resistant, the Yangtse River with Na Lou ground but live through the winter. Be fond of sloping field of unripe Yu Yang, lax to edaphic requirement, be able to bear or endure arid and barren, be afraid of waterlogged, most agree with deep and rich calcic qualitative soil.

Configuration feature

Can amount to 3 meters deciduous leaf bush, high, base the ministry is fascicular, branch is vaulted and flagging, rod is Brown, have edge a bit, have raised leather opening, pith is hollow, between the section hollow. Unifoliate or 3 flocculus, opposite, egg form or form of elliptical shape egg. Spend golden color, first Xie Kaifang. Florescence in April - in May. Capsule egg is globose, mature in October.

Breed is bred

But cuttage, sow, the breed that divide individual plant. ~3 month had stick of a short slender pointed piece of metal in Feburary. Sow right in autumn October after seed collecting, accumulate Yu Yi via wet sand bed year Feburary ~3 month drilling. Nursery stock transplant on the rich soil with at exposed to the sun is being chosen during deciduous leaf good drainage cultivated; Deadwood of the annihilate after be being spent every year, young branches and leaves and too too close, old branch, notice root border fertilizes at the same time. Do not fertilize the problem also is not too great, because be,had flown if, a lot of flowers are met only long leaf, won't grow a flower, and vitality of this kind of floral is very tenacious, in the soil that can grow in any quality almost.
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