Philtrum is white
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[medical name] philtrum is white
[phoneticize] RENZHONGBAI
[origin] the solid content of heavy knot of nature of humanness make water.
[effect] clear heat, fall Yu of fire, disappear.
[advocate treat] pain or numbness caused by cold of Wei of the heat that order service, lung, nosebleeding blood, haematemesis, larynx, noma, talking around gives birth to sore.
[sexual flavour returns classics]
Salty, cold. ① " article collect essence of life to want " : Unplug a low bank of earth between fields of Ta  another name for Guangdong Province! Hail Song steep a keeper of domestic animals handsome? " salty, smooth, avirulent. " ③ " a book on Chinese medicine collects character " : ?
Enter lung, liver, cystic classics. ① " a book on Chinese medicine collects character " :  of Chong of  of ⑻ of vinegar of Xi of ⑸ of vinegar of Guang entiring room! Province of Yan of cruel of search of static Fu of hail Song Dong punishs body  of Long naevus sweets wine ⅰ of instep of  of lofty ⒆ gate!
[usage dosage] to be taken orally: Enter powder, 2 money of 1 ~ . External use: Grind to end is blown or move apply affected part.
[appropriate of the avoid that use drug] " a book on Chinese medicine anew " : "Deficiency of yang does not have fire, feed not disappear, bowel is disloyal person of avoid. Bowel is disloyal person of avoid..
[alias] 垽 of be addicted to (" focus of classics of a book on Chinese medicine " ) , white 垽 of be addicted to (" do not record " ) , Bai Qiushuang (" accumulate proved recipe of classics of hall of be apt to " ) , Qiu Baishuang (" medical introduction " ) , )
[prescription name] philtrum is white, medium white, stranger is white, medium in bleaching a person forge philtrum is white, white. White, stranger is medium in white, person in be being written in prescription Bai Jun points to bleach philtrum white. The person that insolation is used as medicine is taken out after for the Bai Zaiqing in the person the dip in water floats. Result slant clear heat divides evaporate.
[trade name] philtrum is white, the person that do not have foreign matter in vain with color is beautiful.
[of the medicinal material collect close with the deposit] the shovel takes year of long Jordan, chamber pot to wait inside the make water of face heavy knot dirties, eliminate impurity, insolation.
[method of n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine] philtrum is white: The full in buy clear water 4 ~ 7 days, often change water, take out, raze foreign matter, insolation night shows 15 days, daily fluctuation flips through, in order to not have smelly to spend, insolation. Forge philtrum is white: In taking a person inside white buy crucible, charcoal fire forge comes gules, take out, put cool. Flying philtrum is white: The Bai Yan in taking a person becomes fine end, again water flies to colorless to spend.
[textual research] out " day Hua Ziben is careless " ; " a book on Chinese medicine spreads out justice addendum " : "Philtrum is white, the person that dew of this park wind falls 3 years, only then usable also. Only then usable also..
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