Yi benevolence
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  Yi benevolence (name of English of Latin Semen Coicis Coix Seed) name rice of Job's tears benevolence, Yi, Yi benevolence, earthy corn, the seed of Job's tears, remove bead of solid, Yi, answer a rice, Mi Ren, 6 millet. It is commonly used Chinese traditional medicine. It is general, the food that often eats, sexual flavour Gan Danwei is cold, advantageous water detumescence, be good at lienal go muscle of wet, easy heats up the effect such as a pus except pain or numbness caused by cold, Qing Dynasty, for commonly used benefit waterlogging wet medicine. Yi benevolence is food of a kind of hairdressing, often feed can maintain burnish of human body skin exquisite, eliminate sparrow of acne, spot, senile plaque, gravid spot, butterfly speck, coarse to taking off bits, acne, chap, skin wait to have favorable curative effect.

The seed of Job's tears is officinal beautiful tastes filling body. According to analysis of medical branch assay, the seed of Job's tears contains protein 16.2% , adipose 4.6% , carbohydrate 79.2% . Stew pig foot, chop and chicken with the seed of Job's tears in the winter, it is a kind of nourishing food. Summer boils congee with the seed of Job's tears or make cold drink put the seed of Job's tears on the ice, it is the clear filling agent of very good disappear heat fitness. Kind of Ren Hegen of the seed of Job's tears can be used as medicine again treat a disease. Li Shizhen is in " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " in account: The seed of Job's tears can " be good at lienal beneficial stomach, filling lung Qing Dynasty is hot, go wind is gotten the better of wet. Cook a meal is dietary, treat air conditioning. Decoct drink, benefit pee heat drenchs. "In recent years, much scientific research and clinical practice prove, the seed of Job's tears still is a kind of anticarcinogen content, preliminary appraisal, it can amount to 35% above to the rate treating curb of cancer. Pardonable Guilin area has a balladry to sing so: "The seed of Job's tears surpasses glossy ganoderma grass, officinal nutrition value is high, it is OK to often eat Yan Nianshou, fatigue of rejuvenescent make contributions. Fatigue of rejuvenescent make contributions..

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Configuration description:
Help advance somebody's career for annual herbaceous. Stalk is erect, tall 1 ~ 1.5 meters, have 10 about. Vaginal and smooth, upside person short at the section; Foliaceous tongue is qualitative hard, grow about 1 millimeter; Blade is linear wrap around needle form, be as long as 30 centimeters, wide 1.5 ~ 3 centimeters. Racemose, axil is generated bundle, grow 6 ~ 10 centimeters, erect or flagging, provide total power; Female spicule is located in the bottom of inflorescence, grow 7 ~ 9 millimeter, the bag always luxuriants with beads shape outside, spicule and total bud long, can Yo spicule film of the first clever bottom is qualitative, upside pasteboard is qualitative, tip is blunt, provide 10 rapid pulse; Form of the 2nd clever boat, be wrapped at the first clever inside, tip pasteboard is qualitative, gradually pointed; The first floret is provided only outside Fu, relatively clever slightly short, tip is qualitative thicker and gradually pointed; The 2nd Fu is a bit short at the first outside Fu, provide 3 arteries and veins; Inside Fu and outside Fu is similar and lesser; Staminal 3, degrade, tiny; Pistil has long style, post is detached, extend total bud; Degrade female spicule 2, the circle is columnar, paratactic at can a side of Yo spicule, coping is outstanding at always luxurianting; Male spicule often is worn 3 times be born at, among them one does not have a handle, grow 6 ~ 7 millimeter, clever change is simple, the first clever compressed, backbone is folded inside two side, tip is blunt, provide many arteries and veins; Form of the 2nd clever boat, provide most arteries and veins; Embedded 2 floret, fu is mixed outside inside Fu is film pledges; Every floret contains stamen 3; Have handle spicule and likeness of the spicule that do not have a handle, but lesser or more degrade. When fructification is mature, total bud is hard provide enamel, egg form or egg shape are globose, caryopsis is wrapped inside; Caryopsis, grow about 5 millimeter. Flower, fruit period 7 ~ in October.
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