Rose of Sharon is beautiful
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Belong to plant rose of Sharon for rose of Sharon of high mallow division (Hibiscus Syriacus L. ) flower, flower of rose of Sharon is polychromatic colourful, it is the admirable plant that makes the Hua Li that freestyle grows, decorate the office such as road both sides, park, court aptly, but Gu establish, row establish or piece establish, flower of rose of Sharon also can serve as a kind of Chinese traditional medicine to use.

Name of 1 , flowers

[formal name] Hibiscus Syriacus L.

[alias] flower of hedge of bowls of Bai Jin is beautiful, Lv tree flower, big flower, hedge barrier flower, Pure Brightness, plain cooked rice, chicken flower, lardy flower, face opens dusk to fall flower

[division belong to] high mallow division, rose of Sharon is belonged to

[country of origin] China, India, Syria.

[beautiful words] tough, lasting beauty.

[configuration feature]

Deciduous leaf bush or small tree; 2 meters tall ~ 3 meters, much more ramose; Foliaceous triangle or form of egg of water chestnut shape, sometimes mid above has 3 to crack. The flower is big, only leaf armpit, diameter 5 ~ 8 centimeters, univalve or heavy valve, have white, pink, amaranthine wait for color, leaf radical ministry sometimes red or amaranthine; Florescence 6 ~ in September, the flower is very much, although every flower leaves one day only, but everyday many flower is opened, very beautiful. Often use as in gardens Hua Li, only plant, be cultivated into the row or make other fruticose background. Florescence cultivates flower completely, delicate and charming and dazzing, terribly is grand and beautiful.

[grow characteristics]

Its sex is fond of Wen Liang, wet, sunny climate condition, the neutral with fecund happy event comes small acidity soil, relatively be able to bear or endure arid, be able to bear or endure barren, be able to bear or endure half be shadedby foilage, avoid is waterlogged, cold-resistant is cold, grow comfortable lukewarm 28 ℃ of 15 ~ .

Rose of Sharon is usable sow, cuttage and engraft are progenitive. Cuttage can undertake at combining pruning plastics in April, insert the hale branch of lignification of ear selection choose, grow 10 ~ 12 centimeters, in red soil of stick of outdoor a short slender pointed piece of metal or sandy soil, water every months morning, survive extremely easily.

[help advance somebody's career]

Adaptability of rose of Sharon is strong, thick be born to grow easily, help advance somebody's career management is easier. Came every year in December immediately following in time year in March, southern dry season, right now Mu Jin enters half dormancy state, management with watering keep a full stand of seedlings is given priority to; 4, entered red-letter day of high temperature much monsoon in October, can have short section to plant in April, strengthen fat conduit to manage, send new tip in order to close to, make be spent exuberant.
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