Rose of Sharon is beautiful
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[plant diseases and insect pests]  

The plant diseases and insect pests with main rose of Sharon has: The yellow thorn moth, caterpillar, aphid, Jie that blow continous, circular aegis Jie and fuliginous disease.

2, Chinese traditional medicine renown

[formal name] Flos Hibisci

[other level appellation] English name Shrubalthea Flower.

[former plant configuration] deciduous leaf bush, tall 3 ~ 4m. The bine is much more ramose, young branch is reached closely by wool of maize star shape fluff. Foliaceous each other is unripe, egg form or form of egg of water chestnut shape, grow 4 ~ 7cm, wide 2 ~ 4cm, be not cracked or mid above 3 crack, base ministry wedge, the brim has blunt a tooth-like part of anything. The flower is big, only leaf armpit, diameter 5 ~ 6cm, flower stalk grows 4 ~ 14mm; Small bud piece 6 ~ 7, line form, have astral shape hair; Calyx bell form, 5 crack, have astral shape wool and short fluff; Petaline white, gules, lilac wait, often weigh valve; Stamen and chapiter are not extended corollaceous. Capsule grows a circle, long make an appointment with 2cm, top has short mouth, give birth to astral shape wool closely. The seed is Brown. Florescence 7 ~ in October, fruit period 9 ~ October.

[collect and process] when be being opened at the beginning of flower of day of fine of summer, autumn, pluck fill a flower, insolation.

[character] the flower submits irregular form, labour 1.5 ~ 3cm, wide 1 ~ 1.5cm, base ministry blunt circle, the handle is short, bud piece one round. Calyx celadon, lobation crinkly or coil instead; Flower stalk, bud piece, there all is fine fur outside calyx; Petaline 10, fold, dan Zila of weak Huang Huo is lubricious, pour egg form, white grows Jibumisheng fluff; Stamen adds up to unripe Cheng Ruizhu, antheral and most, present violet black. Energy of life is tiny, flavour is weak.

[chemical composition] yellow glucoside of the grass that contain black (Saponarin) , inositol (Inositol) , mucilaginous.

[sexual flavour returns classics] the gender is cold, taste is bitter, pleasant, smooth.

[function advocate treat] clear hot cool blood, alexipharmic detumescence. Use at dysenteric, diarrhoea, haemorrhoid bleeds, leucorrhoea; External use treats sore furuncle carbuncle swollen, scald.

[usage dosage] 4 money of 2 ~ ; External use is right amount, levigation sesame oil moves affected part of put on the skin.

[cento] " collection of countrywide Chinese herbal medicine "

3, national flower name

Rose of Sharon spends the national flower that is big Han the Republic of China, on Korea history, too extremely the banner appears the earliest at 19 centuries. Li dynasty ancestor 19 years tall, namely in August 1882, make official Piao Yongxiao and treasures skin of the bamboo act under orders to go to Japan to negotiate. In road, two people are consultative, serving as the representing of a country to do not have one side ensign is no good. Then, the scale on the boat that they are going to Japan too extremely banner. Plain, gold after 2 people come back, 1883, this banner is adopted formally to be the ensign of Li dynasty, promulgate use. 1948, when Korea government holds water, also decide too extremely the banner is used as ensign. Later, ministry of Korea culture and education was promulgated formally too extremely the making standard of the banner, decide: Flagpole top uses national flower- - flower of rose of Sharon tries to decorate. The design on banner face: White bottom represents land, the circle among represents people, the 4 divinatory symbols all round represent a government. National emblem also is this country circle, round face is the Mu Jin of 5 valve to spend, design of yin and yang is among. Writing on ribbon " big Han the Republic of China " .
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